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We are Club Golf Consultancy, a dynamic provider of specialist services to the global golf industry. Our knowledge and experience of the global golf market will help your business to greater exposure within the UK golf market and thereby increase sales and revenue.

In the 1990’s golf as a leisure sport enjoyed unprecedented popularity with the numbers of golfers in the UK who played regularly at an 18 hole golf course rising in the year 2000 to around 4 million. The plateauing of the numbers since 2000 has led to providers of golf services facing an increasingly competitive environment in which to market their products.

The vast array of golf products on offer and the increasing predominance of the internet has changed the way in which golfers both research products and book their holiday. As a result the current potential golf holiday market of which there are 1.65 million golfers per year, approximately 150,000 take air inclusive golf package holidays, which they book either via a tour operator or direct with a resort. The internet has allowed such unprecedented flexibility to golfers that if golf resorts are to retain their market share they must react with increasingly sophisticated marketing strategies. We at Club Golf Consultancy can help you.

Led by Natalie Scott, Club Golf Consultancy can offer over 25 years experience of the golf industry, specialising in retail sales, tour operating, supplier representation and marketing. With this wealth of experience Club Golf Consultancy can recommend the right strategy for your resort, golf course or golfing hotel to gain an ever increasing market share of the golf holiday business in an ever changing market.