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The Company

Club Golf Consultancy was set up in 2003 with the aim of being one of the UK’s premiere consultancy firms representing golf travel associated businesses. Club Golf Consultancy provides advice to UK and overseas clients on marketing strategies, public relations, advertising, launching and promoting products to the UK’s golfing audience by building trade and consumer awareness. With over 25 years experience in golf and travel, from golf retail to golf tour operating and over 30 years playing the game. Having seen the golf travel business from both sides we understand what is effective and are able to recommend strategies to maximise potential opportunities. Natalie Scott (Director) - started in the golf business in 1990 as a Golf Assistant. In 1992 she entered the golf travel business as the Overseas Golf Representative for British Airways Holidays, based in Portugal. She had sole responsibility for the operation of the golf programme in the Algarve. In 1993 Natalie returned to the UK to continue working with British Airways Holidays. As Assistant Product Manager responsibilities included; overseeing the brochure design, develop and purchasing of a range of golf holidays that maximised the commercial potential for the company. In December 2002, British Airways Holidays closed their offices at Gatwick and made redundancies. Due to Natalie’s personality, drive, enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of the golf travel industry she decided to set up her own consultancy firm, Club Golf Consultancy.

The Client

Working closely with our clients we initially develop an understanding of their strategy including most importantly - the target audience. Product image is the most important marketing tool and our advice on marketing, advertising, PR and sponsorship focuses on specialist but realistic initiatives to achieve cost effective return on any nominated financial budget. With a greater understanding of the targeted market and options available clients have greater confidence in the decisions they make.


What we do

Club Golf Consultancy offers a UK representation service and the opportunity for companies to outsource their golf sales and marketing. Some of Club Golf Consultancy’s clients have used all the services available and appointed the company as their Golf Consultant and UK Representative and others have chosen individual aspects, ie Direct Marketing Strategy or copy writing. Due to Natalie Scott’s 10 years experience in tour operating Club Golf Consultancy specialises in relationships with Golf Tour Operators and how to get the best results out of each individual tour operator. We provide advice to UK and overseas clients on marketing matters, create trade and consumer awareness and thereby increase sales and revenue for your business.

Services we offer

Marketing Strategies
Working closely with the client we initially develop an understanding of their strategy including most importantly their target audience. We then prepare a golf focused marketing strategy which is in line with the client’s overall plan and within their nominated financial budget.

Advertising Strategies
Taking into consideration the marketing strategy and financial budget, a competitive advertising plan can be prepared which maximises Club Golf Consultancy’s relationship with UK golf publications. Advice is also given on designing eye-catching adverts to attract the golfer.

Trade & Direct Activities
The majority of golfers book either via a tour operator or direct with resorts, therefore Natalie Scott’s 10 years experience within the tour operating business opens doors for resorts/golf courses and enables them to maximise their relationship with the tour operators. These days it is important that resorts/golf courses also focus on direct bookings by forming relationships with third parties.

Golf Media
Club Golf Consultancy has strong buying power with the major UK golf publications which enables their clients to have dynamic media campaigns at competitive rates. Resorts/golf courses are also able to capitalise on Club Golf Consultancy’s very good relationships and contacts developed over the years, they understand each magazines readership profile.

Public Relations
Club Golf Consultancy provide golf focused PR in the UK, which can either be managed directly by Club Golf Consultancy or if the resort/golf course already has a PR company in place, they can work closely with them focusing on golf.

Tour Operators
Natalie Scott has over 25 years experience within the golf travel industry, with over 10 years at British Airways Golf Holidays and the past 15 years managing Club Golf Consultancy. Over this period of time most UK golf tour operators have had dealings with Club Golf Consultancy/Natalie, understanding how and what works for UK golf tour operators is what makes Club Golf Consultancy standout from other Sales & Marketing/Representation companies.

Takes in all the services offered (Marketing & Advertising Strategies, Trade & Direct Activities, Golf Media, PR and Tour Operators except Projects). Club Golf Consultancy will acts as the resort/golf course’s UK point of contact, dealing with all enquiries.

Tailor Made Short Term Projects
Club Golf Consultancy is able to fast tracking resorts/golf courses into the UK golf market, by using their vast experience, knowledge and long-term relationships with tour operators and media groups. If you need to launch or promote a new product (golf courses, golf and spa resorts, etc) Club Golf Consultancy will provide a bespoke campaign for your specific needs.